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Trauma informed growth - podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Wealth Building for Business Owners: More Foresight, Less Hindsight - The why, what and how. with Bob Quinn CFP, Principal at The Money Advisers. The conversations covered examples of critical thinking, quality questions to ask yourself and insights for you to consider when navigating your wealth building...

Jul 14, 2020

Justin Robinson, VP of Leadership and Innvation at Design House Collective, and I explore context and answers to the questions: What role does one person play in the evolution of humanity?What is quantum social theory, exactly? And what does it take to achieve transformation on the scale of an industry?


Jul 14, 2020

Dr. Kim Jobst and Shannon Eastman explore our relationship with fear by answering the questions: How fear benefits us, how we engage with fear, what it means to us and how we play with it.

About Dr. Kim:

Dr. Kim Anthony Jobst MA. DM. FRCP. MFHom. is an award winning Metaphysician, a Consultant in Integrative Medicine...

Jul 10, 2020

An exploratory conversation that has us asking questions about the standard beliefs we carry when it comes to personal leadership.

For example: Being Self Aware and who or which self are we referring to and what are we being aware of in that context?

This conversation looks at the impact one has when they are poised...