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May 20, 2021

The journey from #head2heart is 3-extraordinary feet. For some of us, we're dragged kicking and screaming. For others it's a spontaneous awakening on the top of a mountain, in Denver Colorado, where you get to experience the magic of spine, breath, body that sends you into an tear filled awakening, as you marvel at the body and what else it has to offer. Dr. Steve came off that mountain one evening, only to return to Canada the next morning to open his own practice, and introduce the world to holistic chiropractic therapy to heal, clear and evolve people in their business and personal worlds.


Meet Dr. Steven:

Dr. Steven Fonso is a Chiropractor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Author, Dad, and a fellow Canadian. Based out of Thunder Bay he is working with people all around the world today about more connection, less stress.


Connect with Dr. Steven: